Iron art since 1978

We realize customized home furnishings, doors, windows and any other type of wrought-iron creation.

Arte del ferro is a family-run business established by the three Lodoli brothers over forty years ago in the Venice area. Thanks to their passion for the ancient craft of the blacksmith and for the artistic creations, they work following the traditional manufacturing techniques that once made  the Lagoon city famous all over the world.

The laboratory has a department dedicated to forging processes where different products can be realized: from gates to railings, from gratings to handrails, passing through real masterpieces of sculpture.  All the creations are forged starting from raw rolling material.

We work and realize any wrought-iron product

Wrought-iron furniture

Customization is our key strength!

We are committed to support any customers’ idea or need offering our forty years’ experience in iron processing. Our experts always aim to create personalized and unique products.

In addition to iron production, it is possible to ask for some stainless steel creations in order to characterize rooms with a modern and fresh style.

Wrought-iron garden furniture

Our wrought-iron garden furniture is realized with high-quality and long lasting materials resistant  to any weather conditions. Our philosophy is to guarantee our customers the highest customization since the beginning of the process, as to create unique and inimitable outdoor furniture. A concentration of elegance, design and style comes together in the  creations, all characterised by the beauty of an artisan production.

Handrails, ancient stairs and wrought-iron artworks restoration

We restore iron works using up to date welding techniques, making changes and specially-made adjustments in order to reactivate the correct working of the structure. We restore gates and railings and give a new life to handrails, external and internal balustrades – with any decoration or shape – and to classical and spiral stairs.
We also restore artworks and fine public or private sculptures striving to renovate the ancient allure of the artistic wrought-iron manufacturing.

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